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Credit Risk Update: AVON RUBBER P.L.C., HAMPTON PARK WEST, SEMINGTON ROAD, MELKSHAM, WILTSHIRE, SN12 6NB. Manufacture of other rubber products. The legal status is a Public Limited Company and the current status at the registry of companies is Active. The last filed accounts are dated 30 September 2016. The company was incorporated on 23 December 1890.

The accounts next due date is 31 March 2018. There are 11 mortgages, 11 satisfied, none part satisfied and none unsatisfied.

The above was based on public record information as at 15 November 2017 and may not reflect the current status. Please access the current report to ascertain the current status and credit rating.

AVON RUBBER P.L.C. business sector includes adhesive repair material made of rubber, adhesive tape of rubberised textile, apparel made of rubber (if only sealed together, not sewn), apparel made of sealed rubber, aprons, armoured hose made of rubber, balata belting, balata goods (excluding belting), ball core (rubber), balloons, rubber (except pilot and sounding balloons, dirigibles and hot-air balloons), bands made of elastic, bands made of rubber, bathing caps of rubber, bellows made of rubber, belting for domestic appliances made of rubber, belting made of rubber, bootee (rubber protective), brushes of rubber, buckets made of rubberised fabric, carpet underlay made of rubber, cellular rubber products, combs of hard rubber, conveyor belts made of rubber, cushioning for upholstery made of rubber, delivery hose made of rubber, diving suit made of rubber, ebonite, vulcanite or hard rubber goods, elevator belting made of rubber, eraser rubber, expansion joints made of rubber, fan belts for motor vehicles, felting made of rubber, fittings made of rubber, floor coverings made of rubber, flooring made of rubber, fluid seals made of rubber, foam rubber, garden hose made of rubber, gloves and gauntlets of unstitched rubber, golf ball core, groundsheet made of rubber, grout packers, gutta percha goods, hair pins of hard rubber(manufacture), hair rollers and similar of hard rubber, heel and sole made of rubber, hose made of rubber, hot water bottles made of rubber, hydraulic hose made of rubber, hygienic articles made of rubber, industrial belting made of rubber, inflatable cushion made of rubber, inflatable mattress made of rubber, insulating cloth tape, insulating material made of rubber, latex foam, mats made of rubber, moulded rubber bottoms for footwear, mouldings for upholstery made of rubber, piece goods made of unsupported rubber sheeting, pipe stems of hard rubber, pipes made of rubber, plates made of rubber (semi-manufactures), printers' blankets made of rubber, profile shapes of rubber, puncture repair outfit made of rubber, reinforced hose made of rubber, repair materials made of rubber, rings and washers made of rubber, rods made of rubber, roller coverings made of rubber, roller covers made of rubber, rope made of rubber, rubber (vulcanized, unvulcanized or hardened), rubber compounds, rubber products, rubber thread (uncovered), rubberised fabrics, rubberised hair, rubberised textile fabric, seals made of rubber, semi-finished products made of rubber, sex articles of rubber, sheath contraceptives made of rubber, sheets made of rubber, sponges made of rubber, strips made of rubber, suction and discharge hose made of rubber, teats made of rubber, tennis ball core, tiling made of rubber, timing belt for motor vehicles, transmission belting made of rubber, transmission v-belts made of rubber, tubes made of rubber, tubing made of rubber, tyre repair materials and kits, underwater swimming suit made of rubber, washers made of rubber, waterbed mattresses of rubber, wet suits of rubber, yarn (rubberised).
Registered Number: 00032965
Date Incorporated: 23 December 1890
Date Latest Accounts: 30 September 2016
Legal Form: Public Limited Company
Previous Names: None
Registered Number: 00032965
Annual Return: 26 February 2016
SIC Code and Operations: 22190 - Manufacture of other rubber products
Number of Mortgages 11
Satisfied Mortgages 11
Part Satisfied Mortgages 0
Unsatisfied Mortgages 0
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