Credit Risk Update: SECURED CREDITOR INFORMATION: HARRISON FISHER & CO. LIMITED, EYE WITNESS WORKS, MILTON STREET, SHEFFIELD, S3 7WJ. Other manufacturing n.e.c.. The legal status is a Private Limited Company and the current status at the registry of companies is Active. The last filed accounts are dated 31 January 2017. The company was incorporated on 27 November 1897.

The accounts next due date is 31 October 2018. There are 8 mortgages, none satisfied, none part satisfied and 8 unsatisfied.

The above was based on public record information as at 8 December 2017 and may not reflect the current status. Please access the current report to ascertain the current status and credit rating.

HARRISON FISHER & CO. LIMITED business sector includes sponge bleaching, sponge trimming, stamps made of rubber, stylographic pen, sun car, sunshade, sun-umbrellas, tailors' chalk, tailors' dummy, tapers and the like, taxidermy activities, teaching aids (electronic), toothpicks made of bone, trainer (electronic training equipment), typewriter ribbons, umbrella, uniform helmets, vacuum flask, vacuum jar, vacuum vessels for personal or household use, walking sticks, whalebone cutting and splitting, wig, writing instrument sets, amber turning, artificial flowers and fruit made of paper, artificial flowers and fruit made of plastic, artificial flowers and fruit made of textiles, ballpoint pen and refill, bedfolder, bladder dressing, boiler covering (not asbestos or slag wool), boiler packing (not asbestos or slag wool), bone working, briar pipe, buttons, buttons made of glass, candle, carbon ribbon, carnival article, carry cot, cartridge refill for fountain pen, catgut, chalk for drawing or writing, cigarette lighter, coffin board, coffins, collar stud, combs (other than of hard rubber, plastic or metal), conjuring apparatus, cork life preservers, crayon, cut, make, trim of fire-resistant and protective safety clothing on a fee or contract basis, cutlery handles made of horn, ivory, tortoise shell, etc., date sealing stamps, date stamp and accessories, devotional article, ear and noise plugs (e.g. for swimming and noise protection), embossing devices (hand operated) for labels, false beard, false eyebrow, feather curling, feather ornament, feather purifying, feather sorting, felt tipped pen, fibre tipped pen, fire resistant and protective safety clothing of leather, fire-fighting protection suits, firelighter, fire-resistant and protective safety clothing, flint for lighters, fountain pen, fountain pen nib, gas masks, gauntlet (protective), globes, gut for musical instruments and sports goods, gut scraping and spinning, hair pad making, hair preparation for wig making, hair slides, hand printing sets, hand riddles, hand sieves, hard hats and other personal safety equipment of plastics, horn and tortoise shell working, horn pressing, industrial protective headgear, ink pad, instruments for educational or exhibition purposes, ivory working, jokes and novelties, life vests, lifebelts, lifebelts made of cork, lifebuoy made of cork, lifejacket, lifejacket made of cork, lighter fuel in containers not exceeding 300cc (liquid or liquefied gas), linemen's safety belts and other belts for occupational use, marker pen, models for educational or exhibition purposes, models for geographical use made of wax or plaster, models made of plaster, models made of wax, natural sponge preparation, nightlight, numbering stamps, parasol, pastel, pen nibs, pencil, pencil leads, penholder, pens for writing or drawing, personal safety devices of metal, plaster cast, prepared typewriter ribbons, press-fasteners, press-studs, printing devices (hand operated), propelling pencil, protective gloves for industrial use, protective headgear, protective headgear for industrial use, ribbon (inked), riding caps, roller pens and refills, safety headgear made of metal, safety helmets made of plastic, scent sprays, scientific models for educational and exhibition purposes, sealing stamps, seals for use with sealing wax, seat-sticks, slates for writing, slide fasteners, smokers' requisites, smoking pipes, snap fasteners.
Registered Number: 00055000
Date Incorporated: 27 November 1897
Date Latest Accounts: 31 January 2017
Legal Form: Private Limited Company
Registered Number: 00055000
Annual Return: 30 September 2015
SIC Code and Operations: 32990 - Other manufacturing n.e.c.
Number of Mortgages 8
Satisfied Mortgages 0
Part Satisfied Mortgages 0
Unsatisfied Mortgages 8
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