Credit Risk Update: SECURED CREDITOR INFORMATION: C.BRANDAUER & CO. LIMITED, 235 BRIDGE STREET WEST, BIRMINGHAM, B19 2YU. Manufacture of other fabricated metal products n.e.c.. The legal status is a Private Limited Company and the current status at the registry of companies is Active. The last filed accounts are dated 31 March 2017. The company was incorporated on 9 November 1901.

The accounts next due date is 31 December 2018. There are 5 mortgages, 3 satisfied, none part satisfied and 2 unsatisfied.

The above was based on public record information as at 4 December 2017 and may not reflect the current status. Please access the current report to ascertain the current status and credit rating.

C.BRANDAUER & CO. LIMITED business sector includes anchor, armoured doors, art metal work, badges made of metal, bag clasp, bag frame, baking dish, pan and tin, base metal articles, basins made of metal, baths made of metal, bells for pedal cycles, bells made of base metals, bins made of metal, brackets made of base metal, buckets made of metal, buckles made of metal, building components of zinc e.g. gutters, roof capping, butter dishes made of metal, buttons made of metal, cabinets made of metal (not designed for placing on the floor), cable drum made of metal, canisters made of metal, cash boxes made of metal, cigarette cases made of metal, clasps, clothes hook, colanders made of metal, combs of metal, condiment set made of metal, cooking utensils made of metal, crane hook, deed box, desk tray made of metal, domestic hollow ware made of metal, domestic utensils made of aluminium, dustbins made of metal, dustpan made of metal, egg boxes made of metal, eyelet, filing cabinet made of metal (not designed to be placed on the floor), flat ware made of base metal, foil bags, frying pans (non-electric), grapnel, hair grips and pins made of metal, hollow ware (domestic) made of metal, hook and eye, household articles made of metal, household utensils made of meta (manufacture, kettles (non-electric), ladders made of metal, ladders made of metal for fire-fighting vehicles, left luggage lockers, manufacture of metal combs, marine screw propeller, metal badges and metal military insignia, metal dinnerware bowls, metal dinnerware platters, metal goods for office use, metal hair curlers, metal hollow ware pots, metal hollowware kettles, metal plates, metal road signs, metal spinning, metal umbrella handles and frames, metal vacuum jugs and bottles, milk pan, nameplates made of metal, night safe, omelette pan, pallets made of metal, paper clips made of metal, paper fasteners made of metal, pedal bins made of metal, percolators made of metal (non-electric), permanent magnets (metallic), pewter ware, plan chests made of metal, plumbing and pipe fittings made of metal (not cast), press stud, press-fasteners made of metal, pressure cooker, railway track fixtures of assembled metal, rolls made of metal for cable, hose, etc., sacrificial anodes made of zinc, magnesium or other non-ferrous metal, safe, sanitary ware and fittings made of metal, saucepan, saucepans made of aluminium, scourers made of metal, scouring pads made of metal, serving dishes made of base metal, shackle, ship propeller blades of metal, ship propellers, shower cabinets made of metal, sign plates made of metal, sinks made of metal (other than cast iron), slide fasteners made of metal, small metal hand-operated kitchen appliances and accessories, staples for office use, statuettes and other ornaments made of base metal, steel wool for domestic use, steps made of metal, stewpans, stillage made of metal, street furniture, striking of medals, strong box, strong room, strong room door, tableware made of base metal, tea sets made of base metal, teapots made of base metal, tensional steel strapping, toast racks made of base metal, trays made of base metal, trellis work made of metal, wall mountings made of metal, wash basins made of metal, zip fasteners made of metal.
Registered Number: 00071835
Date Incorporated: 9 November 1901
Date Latest Accounts: 31 March 2017
Legal Form: Private Limited Company
Previous Names: None
Registered Number: 00071835
Annual Return: 9 August 2015
Registered Office: 235 BRIDGE STREET WEST, BIRMINGHAM, B19 2YU
SIC Code and Operations: 25990 - Manufacture of other fabricated metal products n.e.c.
Number of Mortgages 5
Satisfied Mortgages 3
Part Satisfied Mortgages 0
Unsatisfied Mortgages 2
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