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Credit Risk Update: ACCOUNTS DUE FLAG: CEWLIK LIMITED, 155 WOOD STREET, LONDON, E17 3LX. The legal status is a Private Limited Company and the current status at the registry of companies is Active - Proposal to Strike off. The company was incorporated on 4 May 2016.

The accounts next due date is 4 February 2018. There are no mortgages.

The above was based on public record information as at 6 October 2019 and may not reflect the current status. Please access the current report to ascertain the current status and credit rating.
Registered Number: 10162576
Date Incorporated: 4 May 2016
Date Latest Accounts: Unknown
Legal Form: Private Limited Company
Previous Names: None
Registered Number: 10162576
Annual Return: Unknown
Registered Office: 155 WOOD STREET, LONDON, E17 3LX
SIC Code and Operations: 56103
Number of Mortgages 0
Satisfied Mortgages 0
Part Satisfied Mortgages 0
Unsatisfied Mortgages 0
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9   Strong
8 Very Good
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5 Average
4 Below Average
3 Poor
2 Weak
1 Very Weak
0 Critical
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