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Credit Risk Update: RYLCHA LIMITED, 21A CROSS CHEAPING, COVENTRY, CV1 1HF. The legal status is a Private Limited Company and the current status at the registry of companies is Active - Proposal to Strike off. The company was incorporated on 18 February 2019.

The accounts next due date is 18 February 2021. There are no mortgages.

The above was based on public record information as at 18 November 2020 and may not reflect the current status. Please access the current report to ascertain the current status and credit rating.
Registered Number: 11830896
Date Incorporated: 18 February 2019
Date Latest Accounts: Unknown
Legal Form: Private Limited Company
Previous Names: None
Registered Number: 11830896
Annual Return: Unknown
Registered Office: 21A CROSS CHEAPING, COVENTRY, CV1 1HF
SIC Code and Operations: 56102
Number of Mortgages 0
Satisfied Mortgages 0
Part Satisfied Mortgages 0
Unsatisfied Mortgages 0
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10  trafficlight Very Strong
9   Strong
8 Very Good
7 Good
6 Above Average
5 Average
4 Below Average
3 Poor
2 Weak
1 Very Weak
0 Critical
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