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When you credit check a company our credit reports include a credit risk score and a maximum credit limit guideline.

If you'd like an idea of some of the factors that would be used to check a company's credit status this will give you a general idea of how credit risk algorithms work.

We don't collect or record anything entered here – this is just for demonstration purposes, and no email address is requested at the end, the credit score is presented for you to see.


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This is not the score used in our live credit reports. Our live score algorithms use data from multiple sources to reveal a full picture which includes payment data showing how long it really takes the business to pay invoices, trading trends, cash flow, liquidity and solvency analysis, and adverse data flags. As well as the credit risk score our live reports also provide a calculated trade credit limit. For credit control our most popular report is the Credit Analysts Report which extends the analysis even further with a written opinion on the current financial status.

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