Subject Data Access Requests

Good news for the privacy rights of individuals, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) allows you to ask any company or organisation what data it holds about you. Within 30 days it must either:

  • Provide a copy of the data, or
  • Provide a satisfactory explanation if more time is required or the information cannot be provided, or
  • Confirm that no data is held on you

Below we explain what information we hold. We also explain who to contact to see your credit file data which is not held by us.

What We Hold

We provide business credit reports only, not individual consumer credit reports. Therefore the only personal data we may hold is likely to be 'incidental' data such as the name of a business owner, or the names of shareholders or the names and addresses of directors as listed on public record at Companies House.

We are a third-party distributor of business credit report data which means we do not hold the source database of company and business information ourselves, but we access other data providers to compile specific reports on a business or company on request of our clients. We also hold data from Companies House which is provided to us under the terms of Open Government Licence and is already freely available and in the public domain on the internet.

We do not control or edit the information held by Companies House. Company directors can control the information disclosed about them by Companies House, but must do so with Companies House directly. To edit or amend information being held by and distributed by Companies House click here to contact Companies House.

It is unlikely that we hold any personal data on you other than information which is already on public record, or if you are a client of ours, we will hold just the contact details you have entered on your account. If you have an account with us and want to view or edit your information login here.

Access Your Data

As explained above under ‘What We Hold’ we are unlikely to have any significant personal data on you. However, the GDPR means you are still entitled to ask. The GDPR also requires us to take measures to guard against any breaches of personal data privacy. It would be a breach of your privacy if we were to disclose your data to someone else who is not authorized to access your data. As we are unlikely to have any existing business relationship with you, we will need to verify your identity. If you wish to make a Subject Data Access Request we will require:


Upon receipt of your request we will conduct a Subject Data Access Request as explained above and will email our response and any copies of data to the email address you provide.

Removing Your Company Information

If your company information is displayed in one of our free reports on our website, removing this information is not the same as a Subject Data Access Request described above. This information is the same information that is also freely available online at the website of Companies House. We cannot delete the source data as this data is ultimately held by Companies House, but we can add a ‘no index’ instruction on our website for your company page. The ‘no index’ tells search engines not to list that page on their index although we cannot compel them to follow the instruction, most major search engines including Google normally do so. It can take up to a month for the page to be dropped from the search results. To request removal of your company page from our website please click here to Contact Us

Access Your Personal Credit Report

We do not hold or provide personal consumer credit reports. Here is a link that provides all the information and contact details required to access your personal consumer credit report

Subject Data Access Request Form

Do not use the form below if you want to remove your company details from our website, or want to edit details held at Companies House, or to see your own credit file. Links for these are provided above - do not use the form below for these reasons as they are not the same as a GDPR subject data access request.

If you wish to make a Subject Data Access Request with us, please complete the form below and provide:

  • A clear scanned copy of either your Passport or Driving Licence, maximum 5 MB file size
  • A utility bill dated within the last 3 months showing your full name and address, maximum 5 MB file size
  • The name of the company or organisation that you believe has accessed a credit report on you with our service
  • A valid email address and telephone number where we can contact you

Upon receipt of your request and subject to ID verification we will conduct a Subject Data Access Request and within 30 days we will email our response and a copy of any data we have about you to the email address you provide.

Photo ID copy of Passport or Driving Licence.(*)
Utility bill with full name and address dated within the last 3 months.(*)

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