UK Company Credit Reports

A full company credit report will contain invaluable information relating to businesses and can help users to assess any potential financial risk imposed by a business. Fortunately, there are a wide range of resources available online which give varying degrees of detailed information in relation to a company's credit history. With First Report you can search any UK company and obtain a detailed credit report.  

This article will outline some of the most simple methods by which users can quickly gain an insight into the financial viability of a company whilst assessing any potential financial risk. 
Companies House

The first port of call for many businesses and individuals who are looking to gather information relating to a company's identity is commonly the Companies House website. This portal holds basic information relating to three million registered companies in the UK today. This service is an excellent resource through which users can assess the legitimacy of a company, primarily by verifying company identification. The type of information available includes the company's registered office address, the date on which the business was first established, the nature and name of the business and the current status of the company i.e live or dissolved. 

However, the information contained within those reports offered through Companies House only cover UK Limited Companies and do not provide a full overview of the financial risk imposed by a business.

Although this service can prove extremely useful, those wishing to gain information about a Non Limited company, or a more detailed report concerning a Limited or non Limited Company, would be wise to consider utilising the online credit checking service offered through First Report.
What information is contained within a more detailed company credit rating report?

The detailed company credit rating reports offered through First Report not only give users vital information relating to both Limited and Non Limited companies, they also provide a verifiable insight into the financial situation of a business. For example, individuals can search for relevant financial information relating to company Directors, perhaps exposing a history of failed businesses or previous successes. Similarly, users can expect to find information relating to spent and unspent County Court Judgements, adverse public notices, extracts showing the past five years of audited accounts, supplier credit limits and the overall credit risk score associated with the business in question. 

The streamlined company credit checking service offered through First Report is quick, convenient and inexpensive. Users can choose between a concise report which contains basic information relating to a company's credit history; or a fully comprehensive credit report which gives an holistic overview and tangible insight into the financial risk imposed by any given company. 

For those users who need to access a number of company credit reports relating to various businesses, First Report offer convenient and inexpensive packages which allow quick and efficient access to detailed company credit information. Similarly, a full credit analysis report contains a range of details relating to any given company, as well as a ratio and common size analysis, accompanying notes to account extracts and going concern and liquidation valuation. 

The credit checking system offered through First Report is simple and effective. Users can instantly gain access to a wealth of relevant information simply by inputting a few basic details. First Report also offer company credit checks in relation to businesses outside of the UK (subject to legislative boundaries dictating the depth of information available). 

Whichever service you use to gain access to business credit rating reports, make sure you are fully equipped with all of the necessary information prior to dealing with any company, Limited or otherwise. This advice will help safeguard your company when dealing with other businesses and could, ultimately, save you a great deal of stress - and money.

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