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Dealing with international businesses can be risky, regardless of the size of your company. If you're currently running a business in the UK, chances are you'll already be all too aware that timely payments and communication can be crucial to your company's existence. If a payment is late or a company or business partner can't deliver when they said they would, you could find yourself in deep water and unable to pay for essential elements to keep your business going. The risk you already take in this country is then multiplied tenfold when you start trading overseas. This article will highlight why it is important to credit check overseas companies and potential business partners, and how this can be achieved.
International credit reports for companies overseas

International credit reports can give in-depth detail about an overseas company's finances and overall credit history, including whether they have had any bad debt. Such reports can help you make an informed decision from looking at a company's past credit history and will highlight any issues you should be aware of which could potentially affect your business. An overseas company search and credit check service is provided by First Report.
Overseas company search and filing requirements

When you run an overseas company search it should be noted that corporate filing requirements can be very different for overseas companies, and the information available will depend upon the country in question. In the UK, the company registry is Companies House and the amount of information filed by UK companies is quite detailed in comparison with many other countries. When conducting an overseas company search in some countries the information available may not be as detailed.
Why trade overseas?

The reality is that more and more businesses are now setting their sights overseas to acquire more opportunities for growth and expansion. Business decisions are being influenced not only by the state of today's economy, but also elements like fraud, terrorism and corruption. These are just some of the reasons why it has become essential to examine the background of potential business partners and companies you intend to do business with overseas; to not only check their credit histories, but also for any other negative elements before committing to any transactions.
The risk involved in dealing with international business

Entering into business overseas has a great many benefits, but also a lot of potential pitfalls. Local business practice may also influence overseas credit risk. If your UK business already finds it a challenge to keep track of incoming payments and making sure companies and partners always deliver on time, every time, imagine what happens when you also factor in elements like time zones, language barriers, differing laws, culture, regulations and tax regimes. All of these things added together can make international trading seem like a potential disaster waiting to happen. Being overseas can make it much more difficult to properly check out companies and potential business partners, but it doesn't have to be.
Researching overseas markets

It is important to research overseas markets where you intend to enter into business before any important transactions are made. One way to do this is by using intelligence and data services such as international markets research.

Researching your overseas market is vital, and the above service can alert you to warning signs such as an unstable economic environment, currency status and inflation, along with political instability and information on overseas companies which you might not be aware of. All of these are factors which could have an effect on your business. 

It is also a good idea to find out whether there are any international trading agreements in place between the UK and the country (or countries) you are planning to conduct business in. Some protections may be in place to assist you if anything were to go wrong. 

Another way to search international clients and businesses is to look into international business reports offered by some companies like First Report Ltd. and international business reports are available for businesses in most countries.
Ask questions

Lastly, if you are unsure of a potential overseas business partner or company (for instance if a past business deal or credit report seems a bit fishy), then do not hesitate to ask them about it. After all, communication is a very important aspect of business, and it could be argued even more so when dealing with overseas business. This should extend to crystal clear terms, a drawn-up contract and regular communication when possible. 

There are a number of ways you can limit your risk before you even begin dealing with overseas companies, including overseas company background checks, credit reports on overseas companies, and also research on overseas markets.

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