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How to research business globally? The internet has made the business world smaller and in some ways, international trade a lot easier. The question is, how do you go about finding an overseas company with the right credentials to help you achieve this? There are some great places to research overseas companies but you just need to know where to look. This article will show you whom you need to consult in order to get the information you need.

Even if it's not you making the global first move, it's likely, at some point, that your business will be approached by an overseas firm. They may ask you for an order, query warehousing in your facility, or even promote a product to you at a very attractive price. Their offer may appear to be full of opportunity for you and you'll find yourself taking the first step onto an international business platform.

First Report overseas company searches give access to reports on companies worldwide. Reports include key financial and credit status information. 

Before dealing with any company abroad, it's best to perform a credit check on them. You need to know that they will be in a position to pay for any stock they order, especially if they have expressed an interest in large quantities. If it's stock you want to buy from the overseas company, a credit check is also advisable to ensure that the supplier is able to ship the amount of product you want to buy and that you're not being tricked. One of the best places to credit check an international company is First Report. First Report can provide you with information on a company's credit history and report on any bad debt that a company might have. It will also provide you with any warning signs as to the company's operating status, that you should be made aware of. 

The power of the internet allows legitimate firms to make themselves appear much bigger than they actually are, with more capabilities than they have. It also makes it easy for fraudsters to pose as a legitimate company in order to scam businesses out of money. For these reasons, it's best to check the details of any overseas companies that approach you using the methods described here.

In addition to an in-depth report, there are other methods of research too.

Given the importance of prompt payment and communication to the smooth running of your business, you basically need to find that the company is what it claims to be. It is of the utmost importance that you do your research first. 

With a commercial registry, you will be able to find out if the company you want to deal with is legitimate and if their finances are in order. An overseas company which is overstretching itself to get your business, or a hoax, will obviously be a disruption and possibly damaging in the long-term. You know how difficult some customers and trading partners in your own country can be, so imagine if you're not even following the same legal business guidelines!

A commercial registry is a list of all registered companies, listed by country. This company information is provided by the country's government and should therefore, give you an indication of the whether the business you're dealing with is government-approved or not. If there is a registry in the country of the company you are researching you may be able to search for details. To begin with, if you can find the overseas company details in the search engines, that's obviously a good sign, but, bearing in mind that anyone can set up a website, the best solution is to check the company is listed on the country commercial registry if this is public record. Here is a list of some overseas company registries to search.

If the company you're looking for is not listed, you can use their online form to ask them any questions about the company as it may the case that the company is still going through the registration process.

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